Toilet Overflow Cleanup in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area

The toilet is an essential item in your home that must remain in prime working condition at all times. If the toilet is not in working order, it can trigger many unpleasant consequences for the home’s residents and guests.

When your toilet is clogged and water overflows, you need an expert to correct the situation and prevent disease-causing bacteria in the water from impacting your health or damaging your home. Restoration Solutions specializes in restoration and repair work, and toilet overflow mitigation is just one of our services. We will help you safely get rid of toilet overflow while providing the cleanup and repairs that come with it.

Causes of Toilet Overflow

There are two main reasons why a toilet overflows: a clog created by a solid object in the plumbing pipes or a water tank malfunction. Clogs happen when non-biodegradable objects are flushed into the toilet, including personal hygiene products or hair. Water that overflows from a clog is usually categorized as black water.

Water tank malfunction, on the other hand, is when your tank’s mechanism is broken. This causes water to continuously fill your flush tank, overflowing the toilet bowl. This typically causes gray water, which contains fewer contaminants than black water but should not be ingested.

When you have issues with toilet overflow in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Restoration Solutions has IICRC-certified technicians with the equipment and expertise to effectively remedy the situation. Aside from toilet overflow, we can also handle sewage removalappliance leak restoration, and other issues.

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Let Restoration Solutions Handle Your Toilet Overflow Cleanup in Dallas-Fort Worth

Water that is contaminated with urine is considered gray water, while toilet overflow that comes with fecal matter is considered black water. Both can cause water damage to your home or health hazards to its residents.

Cleanup requires a lot of diligence to ensure that the process is done safely and that all traces of contaminants are removed. When you need restoration services in the DFW Metroplex, give us a call at (972) 636-4544 for a free estimate. We have an emergency services team standing by on a 24/7 basis to take care of your toilet overflow and flooding problems at any time of the day or night.

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