tile and grout cleaningRestoration Solutions can make your tile & grout shine like new with our special tile and grout cleaning and restoration process.  This process includes the use of a special cleaning solution created for the most comprehensive cleaning of tile & grout.  It picks up and completely removes dirt, unlike a mop which only moves the dirt around.  The end result is a shiny clean tile floor!

Tiles are tough to keep clean. Build up tends to stick like glue to tiled surfaces. Mold and mildew are also a common problem since tiles are used in spaces that are steamy, wet or moist the majority of the time. Our fully trained technicians will use our high pressure cleaning process to get rid of most of these problems. If tile and grout cleaning is done on a regular basis, your basic bathroom cleaning time will be greatly reduced and become much more manageable. Contact us today to schedule a tile and grout cleaning!

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