Board Up & Tarping Services

When your home has suffered extensive damage from a storm or other disaster and cannot be secured, you need to protect your property and prevent additional damages before your insurance adjuster can assess the situation. To make that happen, Restoration Solutions offers superior board up and tarping services for customers throughout the area.

Securing your property with a board-up-and-tarp approach will protect your home while it is being prepared for repairs and while you are waiting for your insurance company to finalize the amount of financial assistance you will receive for your insurance claim. This is essential when you need storm damage restoration and other restoration work because it protects your home from further damage that can be caused by inclement weather or vandalism.

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You can’t and should not start any major repairs to your home before your insurance adjuster inspects it and awards you just compensation. You need to protect your home and its contents from further damage after a disaster. To do this, you need to contact Restoration Solutions to tarp and board-up your home.

Tarping and boarding up involves the use of tarps to cover holes in your home and plywood to board up windows, walls, and doors that have been damaged by storms. However, this service is not exclusive to storm-damaged homes and residences.

This can also be used to protect properties that need:

    • Fire Damage Restoration – Homes that have been ravaged by a fire and need to be repaired can also take advantage of a board up and tarping service.
    • Water Damage Restoration – Homes that suffered damage from water or flooding can also be boarded up and tarped to prevent additional damage brought about by the elements.

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Trust RestorationSolutions to Protect Your Home Throughout the Restoration Process

After a disaster strikes your home or office, it will take a while before your insurance adjuster can inspect the damages. It will take even longer before repairs can begin. That means your property in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area can remain in transition mode for quite a while. To keep it secure during that stretch, you need a top-quality board up & tarping service to prevent further damage brought about by inclement weather or vandals.

Restoration Solutions provides the service you seek. For the past decade, our proven professionals have been helping customers throughout the DFW Metroplex protect their property during this difficult transition time. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 972-790-6300 and we will gladly help secure your home.